Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment at its research laboratories and workplaces.

IISc strives to ensure the well being of students, faculty, research staff and technical personnel through safe work practices and teamwork.

IISc also strives to continually enhance safety performance by conducting hazard assessments, implementing controls, ensuring legal compliance and providing safety training.
Faculty, administration, and research supervisory personnel are responsible for promoting safe practices and for providing safe equipment and facilities for members of staff, students and visitors. Each person using the equipment and facilities of the IISc is expected to follow proper and safe procedures, to report accidents promptly, and to bring to the attention of supervisors, faculty members and safety officer any unsafe conditions or practices. Individuals working in laboratories or workshop should be informed about safety in connection with that particular laboratory or workshop and the particular work conducted.
In sum, it is the policy of the IISc to provide a safe working, teaching, and recreational environment for the IISc. Community.
IISc has been concerned with this subject and leader in identifying hazards in laboratories and workplace to protecting people from them. We want to maintain these standards and keep IISc. at the forefront of this issue.