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Process for Accessing Funds for Safety

Step 1: identify the issues. 

  1. These can be at the lab level or department level. 
  2. A good place to start is the self-audit that everyone did last year. Some departments have also done external audits. 
  3. For high-risk labs, IISc will fund HAZID/Bowtie studies to identify safety issues. Contact OLSEH. 
  4. Please do this before Dec 31 if you are interested in money this FY. 

Step 2: Draft a proposal. 

  1. Just a page or 2 is enough. We just need line items (budget) and a justification 
  2. The proposal can be submitted by individual faculty, department safety champion or staff-lead of a central facility, 
  3. Budget must be backed by quote(s). 
  4. Please make sure only safety related items are included. We will not fund furniture, tubelights, phones, etc. 
  5. Budget must conform to the attached guidelines. Note: consumables are not funded. 

Step 3: Submit to OLSEH for technical evaluation 

  1. Send email to safety.olseh@iisc.ac.in 
  2. One of the Officers will interact with you to refine the proposal. 
  3. Goal is to establish urgency, suitability, and consistency. 
  4. In some cases infrastructural/building improvements are needed. These are done by CCMD 
    • We understand there is some delay in getting quotes from CCMD. Escalate the issue to OLSEH. We will work with you. 

Step 4A: Get budget sanctioned from Dean-A&F 

  1. OLSEH forwards the request to Dean-A&F. Once sanctioned, a letter/email will reach you. 
  2. All implementation is managed by department. 
  3. Dean (A&F) will transfer money directly to department expenses account. 

Step 5: Implement the changes 

Step 6: OLSEH verification & close 

  1. An officer will visit to verify. 
  2. Submit a 2-page final report showing actual expenses, pictures, and other remarks. 
Last Updated : December 16, 2020
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