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Health Centre / Ambulance: 080-22932227/22932234
Emergency Response Service: 108
Security office: 080-22932400/22932225

Message from the Director

Established in 1909, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is India’s leading institution of advanced education and research in the sciences and in engineering. From its beginnings, IISc has laid equal emphasis on fundamental research and the solution of practical problems. In such a setting, safety cannot be an afterthought. Let us make safety a culture that is ingrained within us, irrespective of any rules that may be imposed. Safety is  not something that can achieved just by creating policies and imposing rules, but should be a part and parcel of our ambition to seek academic excellence. IISc should be renowned not just for its world class research, but also its world-class safety practices.

Safety is a personal responsibility. I urge all students and staff, to think critically before experiments. Is this safe? Is this responsible? Are these the best practices? Equal responsibility, if not more, rests on the lead investigators. As custodians of the nation’s prime asset, and its best and brightest minds, we must be ever vigilant. We are best placed to foresee dangers, plan and educate. Responsibility towards safety also extends to the larger IISc community, even those who may not directly handle the hazards. We can maintain an open campus with no boundaries, only if ALL understand the hazards and safety procedures. If you spot an unsafe condition, identify it. If you see an unsafe practice, draw attention to It. I can personally assure you that the administration is committed to making IISc the safest academic institute, anywhere.

News & Updates

Workshop on safe disposal of chemical waste
IISc Main Ground, India

Workshop on safe laboratory practices
IISc Main Ground, India

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