Emergency Numbers:
Health Centre / Ambulance: 080-22932227/22932234
Emergency Response Service: 108
Security office: 080-22932400/22932225



  • Who is responsible for safety in lab?
    Individual faculty in-charge are responsible for establishing rules for safe conduct in lab. They are also responsible for enforcing access control, training regimen, obtaining PPE, and getting regulatory approvals. For details see Section 5 of Safety Policy .
  • Can OLSEH help in identifying hazards in my lab
    Yes, please contact safety.olseh@iisc.ac.in to schedule an audit visit. For high-risk labs a profession HAZID study can also be done. 
  • Does OLSEH also manage safety aspects of construction, CCMD, utility infrastructure, etc? 
    No. CCMD and Dean (P&I) are in-charge of those. OLSEH only focuses on laboratory safety. The only exception is fire hydrant and other special fire safety infrastructure, which is managed by OLSEH. 
  • I disagree with Safety Officer on some aspect. Who can I escalate the issue to? 
    You can contact anyone in the Safety Committee. You can also contact Department Safety Champion of your department, and request them to follow-up. 
  • We have some department/building level safety issues. How do we resolve these? 
    Department Safety Champion can submit a proposal to OLSEH. Please refer Safety Funding. 
  • Does IISc provide funding for safety? 
    Yes. Please see the Safety Guidelines under Safety Policy. 
  • How do I apply for funding to improve safety? 
    Please see the Process for Accessing Fund for safety under safety policy. 
  • Can OLSEH help in disposing chemical waste? 
    Yes, please fill the chemical disposal form. 
  • How do we procure new fire extinguishers or repair old fire extinguishers? 
    OLSEH is in the middle of finalizing a rate contract for all extinguishers on campus. You  can use these. The process will be implemented by Dec 2020. 
  • Is OLSEH & Security Office nature of work equivalent? 
    No, OLSEH only focuses on laboratory safety.  
  • Whom do we contact during emergency in Laboratory? 
    Contact Security Office  
  • Whom to submit the incident report? 
    OLSEH Office.
  • Whom to report near Miss Incident or Accident? 
    OLSEH Office. 
  • Whom to report unsafe practices in Labs?
    OLSEH Office. 
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