Emergency Numbers:

Office of Laboratory Safety and Environmental Health (OLSEH)

Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Singh
(EHS Officer – Fire Safety)

M: +91 8722021990
O: +91 80 22933199


  1. Maintenance of all major fire safety infrastructure on campus
  2. Responsible for all labs in Division of Chemical Sciences. 
  3. Responsible for all labs in Division of Physical and Mathematical Sciences 
  4. Basic fire safety training of security staff and lab-users, including extinguishers training. 
  5. Organize regular mock safety drills.  Single-point contact for KSPCB certificates and compliance.

Mr. Md. Masoodur Rahman
(EHS Officer – Bio Safety)

M: +91 9102910717
O: +91 80 22933199


  1. Ensure bio safety on campus. 
  2. Ensure radiological and radiation safety on campus. 
  3. Responsible for all labs in Division of Biological Sciences &
  4. Responsible for all labs in Division of Interdisciplinary Sciences 
  5. Define norms for disposal of radioactive waste on campus.

Mr. Alen Abraham
(EHS Officer – Process & Gas Safety)

M: +91 9744882422
O: +91 80 22933199


  1. Ensure gas and cryogen safety on campus. 
  2. Responsible for all labs in Division of Mechanical Sciences. 
  3. Define norms for disposal & maintenance of gas-cylinders on campus.
  4. Conduct and facilitate HAZID & HAZOP studies on campus.
  5. Organize self-audits.

Ms. Sujatha. K
(Administrative Assistant)

M: +91 7907836466
O: +91 80 22933199

Last Updated : May 7, 2022