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Biological Safety

Bio-Waste segregation

  1. The dry waste, i.e. napkins, blood-stained wipes, etc. can most go to a Red bin that must be labelled “Bio-waste”. This will be disposed-off as dry medical waste.
  2. Sharps, such as needles, must be disposed in red-colored hard containers. These must be labelled as “Bio-waste: Sharps”.
  3. Wet waste, such as blood or tissue/bacteria cultures, can be diluted with sodium hypochlorite solution (final concentration 0.5%) and disposed down the drain. If the waste includes other toxic materials, such as acids, bases or liquids between pH of 4-10, then please bottle the waste and bring for monthly waste collection to the shed next the utility building.
  4. All dead-bodes, e.g. dead rats, must be stored in dedicated refrigerators. Currently we cannot process dead-bodies. Labs producing such waste must contact the Bio-departments and come with an individual waste-management plan
Fig: Bio-waste segregation
Last Updated : March 18, 2019